How are your Bronze and Copper pieces made?


We make our own metal clays. Starting with fine pure Bronze and Copper metal powders and our own mix of organic binding agents we created our own recipe Bronze and "Umha Copper" metal clays. From these we produce our own solid bronze and copper pieces. Our pieces are not base metal or plated. If you want to see how the clay is made we have a video on the left. We may offer quantities of bronze and copper based clays for sale in the future..If this is something you might be interested in then do let us know. We mould, fire and hand finish our bronze and copper pieces. They will be waxed and/or sealed ... to provide unique gifts for you to purchase.

What about your gemstone and mineral pieces?


All our genuine gemstones and minerals are sourced from around the world and all our pieces are described as accurately as we can. Gemstones are set in both sterling silver, pure copper and bronze and some in our own solid copper/bronze settings. We use a range of semi-precious gemstone beads in our bracelets with high quality beading or metal wire and a range of copper, silver and pewter findings and clasps. We use fine mineral cabochons in our stone pendants along with copper, bronze, silver and stainless steel. Some pieces may be similar but no two will be identical..all are made and assembled by hand. We guarantee you will receive the item as described and displayed in the listing.

Do you make custom pieces?


We are happy to consider any commissions or custom work and can discuss with you in detail to see what could be done. Contact us with details of what you are looking for - make sure we can get back in touch with you! Our approach is that we will only charge or quote once we have your approved final design ... working up or proposing an idea to you is free.

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